Lost Files Recovery from your Sony Ericcson mobile

Sony Ericcson mobiles are famous among the people especially the youths for its fantastic features. Mobiles are no longer restricted to only making calls. People use it to click photos, record moments and store them in the memory cards of the mobile. Sony Ericsson mobiles use memory stick micro to store all the stuffs like photos or videos of your loved ones.

Has it ever happen to you that while accessing something from your mobile, messages like the following pops up:

"This memory card may not record or play." Or
"Reinsert the Memory Stick"


The above mentioned are storage device related error messages. Whenever these kinds of errors appear, it means that your memory stick in your Sony Ericcson mobile has been corrupted. Following the corruption it could happen that

  1. You would not be able to save the image, audio or video files in the memory card
  2. You would be unable to access any of the files stored in the memory card
  3. In the worst case you could probably lose all your previously saved files

Owing to several reasons the memory stick can corrupt in your Sony Ericcson mobile like severe virus attack, file system error, removing your memory card while your mobile is on etc. However no need to panic is such unfortunate situations. The first recommendation would be you should try to restore all the data using the available backup. A backup will definitely benefit you in the case formatting is done to make your card stand once again.


But what if there is no backup present? In those scenarios formatting the card to recover the lost files would be impossible. But with the help of suitable card recovery software, all your lost files can be easily recovered. Card recovery softwares are able to recover all the deleted or formatted files lost due to the corruption of the card in Sony Ericcson. The card recovery softwares:

  • First thoroughly scans the corrupt memory sticks
  • Using some programming methods it recovers all the lost files
  • Stores all the recovered files at a user specified location
  • Recovery softwares are compatible with all the models of the Sony Ericcson

Hence the next time use card recovery softwares to recover lost files in your Sony Ericcson Mobiles.